FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 18th October 2016

Today, after nearly 13 years of fruitful ministry, JC Epidemic and the following departments of LTKD including JC Action Sports, JC Clothing Company and JC Denim announce the full and final completion of ministry, ceasing operations as of the 24th of December 2016.

After months of discussion, prayer and meetings, JC Epidemic have come to realize its time has come to an end. Of the decision to close, JC co-director Andy Sawden said, “Though we are all obviously sad we are all certainly at peace with the decision to close.”

 JC has experienced much since its inception in 2004. There have been incredible highs. Reflecting on such times, co-founder James Bartle said, “In the early days it was all so exciting. We were able to encourage, inspire and motivate so many young people across Australia and that hasn’t stopped but it seems good to us now that we step aside and create a space for something new.”

As with any organization, the highs are often met with some significant lows. JC back bone Christle Fromm said, “Losing Dane (Searls) and Tyrone (Gilks) to tragic accidents took its toll on the team, but the JC crew are resilient, and we bounced back from the loss stronger than ever”.

 JC Epidemic would never have been a possibility if it were not for the sacrifice of all involved. “We just can’t thank our staff, supporters, sponsors, volunteers, performers and riders enough.” JC Epidemic really has been a big family from start to finish, so while JC Epidemic may cease to exist, the relationships forged over the years will last forever.

In finalizing all JC Epidemic activities in preparation for closure 24th December 2016 JC Epidemic will:
• Participate in bookings for the 30th of October 2016 including…
• Sell all assets and infrastructure owned by JC Epidemic at market value
• Host a final celebration of the life and JC Epidemic


Come and enjoy an evening of canapés, drinks and entertainment with stories from the JC Epidemic co-founding directors, James Bartle, Christle Fromm and Andy Sawden.


RSVP to Christle Fromm at by 7th December 2016.