Struggling to draw interest in your event from non-Christian kids? The answer is now simple. JC Epidemic.
Gone are the days of desperately trying to convince youth that your event isn’t going to boring.
Include JC Epidemic and watch the crowds roll in.

Established in 2004, JC Epidemic is an extreme sports ministry. Specialising in Freestyle Motocross,
Freestyle BMX and skate boarding, our shows are captivating and heart-stopping, grabbing the attention
of crowds of all ages and enabling us to effectively get our message – your message – across.

Over the years we have built many relationships with others who seek to offer wholesome event entertainment,
including hip-hop dancers, beat-boxers, solo artists and bands.

Whether you’re planning an outreach in your community, wanting to connect with the youth at your local skate park,
organising Christmas carols or running a schools seminar, JC Epidemic will add the extra WOW-factor that you need.
We offer large-scale event performances right through to skate-park clinics and school shows.
Our athletes are personable and go beyond the performance to talk with the kids, answer their questions and share their experiences.

From the Easterfest main-stage to the outback school oval, JC Epidemic is for you.
If you are interested in finding out more about JC Epidemic and what we can do for you, please contact us.




Imagine the impact for the Kingdom of God if a blockbuster like Transformers were to meet a stage show the scale of a Michael Jackson production and a theme park like Movie World. Would that get kids’ attention? We think so. And that’s our vision for JC Epidemic, the youth ministry with a passion to see our nation’s youth get saved… on a grand scale. Using the impact of extreme sports to get their attention, we want to make the gospel, the message of salvation through Christ, known, loud and clear. We want to steer youth away from the traps that can ensnare them, and to set them free.

How do we accomplish this? The strategy is three-fold. First, we use our tours and outreach events to touch individual towns, cities, schools and churches. Mobilising our teams of BMX, FMX and skateboard riders, together with our support troops of dedicated volunteers and musicians, we take our shows wherever we’re invited. This gives us an amazing opportunity to be in people’s lives, speak to their minds and touch their hearts with Jesus. Even if we can’t preach the gospel, we’re sure to leave a lasting, positive impression as we conduct ourselves with professionalism, humility, respect, decency, compassion. We are mentors, role models, leaders. We life to have fun, but in the process our focus is to get souls won.

The second stage involves a TV show with the potential to connect with kids, teens and young adults in an entertaining way that leaves them asking, “What is it about these guys that’s so different?”. We’re guys living the Christian life, but there’s no facade; kids can sniff a fake a mile away. We want to be real, relatable… to laugh. To not take ourselves too seriously, but to be 100% sold out for Christ. The show sees us taking off on guys’-only adventures, getting scared, testing nerves, interacting with some of the amazing people we meet living full-on for Christ. Sound good?

Our grand goal, the big banana, is our park. This is where it all comes together. This is the kind of place kids want to go because they know that not only will they have an amazing time, but will also feel safe and secure while they’re there – because this is not about making anyone feel left out, or not cool enough, but equipping kids with an experience they will never forget, and will want to experience over and over again. It’s about being outdoors, fellowship, and fun. Think action sports facilities, rider training grounds, life skills workshops, a decked-out camp site… and activities worked around these to bring the best out in kids and get them off to a healthy, secure, skilled, confident start in life.

All this is supported online by our website and Facebook pages, by our dedicated team of on-the-ground guys outreaching to youth wherever they go in communities, our home churches and the diligent, dedicated supports who’ve been with us since the beginning. In God we trust out vision will come to life.