DAN PERKINS | Shift Event Manager
“Our journey with JC Epidemic started in 2005 when the ‘Shift’ youth event was launched; every year since then we’ve invited them back. Whether it’s the riders, the MC’s, or the crew in the office, these guys have always been great to work with. JC Epidemic are professionals in every way and as an event manager I can know that any risks are carefully managed and that these guys value the safety of everyone involved as much as I do. Year after year JC Epidemic have impressed the crowds at the Shift event and the week-long school tour. If you want to take your event to the next level these are the guys to get on board.”

“When you were with us in December, a teenage girl responded to the challenge of the message. I thought you would be interested to know that she and another girl are being baptised. We are thrilled about this. They are going to give their testimony in the morning service before the baptism; It will be an exciting day and we are praying that others will be challenged by their witness for the Lord. We pray the Lord will continue to bless the ministry of JC Epidemic.”

JOY MAHONEY | Chaplain – Gympie High School
“We want to thank you and your JC Action Sports team so much for your visit and for providing our school with such a memorable event that was attended by hundreds.  It was a great way to finish the school week and Dave did an incredible job as MC and the guys on the bikes were brilliant.  Dave addressed the topic we had asked him to very well and it was great to see how all three guys related to the students but were clearly so respectful and honouring as role models for them. Two enthusiastic thumbs up from me and the Gympie High school community – wouldn’t change a thing!”

KYLE BALDOCK | Professional BMX rider

“I was an aspiring Professional BMX rider but, due to poor examples set before me, had an arrogant attitude. I was also part of a violent gang who played a big part in my identity and sense of belonging and purpose. After one too many clashes with the law, I was sent to court. One day before my 18th birthday, I was offered one last chance to get my life in order. I decided to leave the gang and spend time with more positive people. It was at this time that I joined JC Epidemic, transforming from a good BMXer with a bad attitude into a positive role model. I also became Australia’s No.1 BMX pro.
Before long, I was going into schools with JC Epidemic doing talks about bullying and making positive life choices. Still, even though I had made huge changes, my life was missing something. During on of JC Epidemic’s performances at an outreach event, I dedicated my life to Jesus. But life was about to get hard. Really hard. Two weeks later, I lost my little brother in a road accident. But instead of turning back to my old ways, I decided to lean on God for strength. This helped me grow in my relationship with the Lord.
I was quite literally on a path to prison, but with the help of JC Epidemic, I made a choice to focus my energy on BMX and started touring the UK, China, Korea and the USA. Even though my career is going great, I now know only Jesus can save me when the going gets tough.”


“I first saw JC Epidemic when they came to my school for an EXO day. Jimmy Bartle was there doing stunts, and later on shared his life story. I was impacted heaps by how he came to know God and how God is working in his life now. As I watch them do those crazy stunts and live out the plan God has for them, I am encouraged that I can also trust in God to help me through anything!”


“JC Epidemic came to our school for a demo and later Jim Bartle spoke. I thought it was heaps cool because I love motorbikes and was blown away as I never really associated Jesus with motorbikes before. I had thought Christianity was intense and all about loads of Bible reading and people assumed Christians were boring. To me, Jim’s message was very inspiring as he didn’t seem to care what people thought about him loving God because he had found truth. At home i didn’t have a lot of support or Christian influence, but now I know it doesn’t matter, as I am encouraged to stand up and believe what I believe no matter what.”

AARON PARRY | Musician

“At high school I chose to follow God’s ways, but with that came physical and verbal bullying. As I stood “against the flow” it made me an easy target for ridicule and misunderstanding. The bullying produced more than bruises. It generated an emotional vacuum where every substance of hope disappeared. With no solution at hand, and no future smiling back, I decided to call it quits. Waiting at a busy road for a truck that would finish my life, not one vehicle passed. I began to realise that God was sending a message. Its not over; I’m not done with you yet. A short time later after an FMX demo and a Spirit inspired message I went forward at a JC Epidemic alter call at my school, making a public rededication of my faith in Jesus.  A journey of restoration with a new hope began.
As a musician and speaker in schools I use my story of high school bullying, suicide attempts and the rescue of heaven, to draw the audience towards that message of HOPE. Carrying on the legacy that God through JC Epidemic planted in me.”

BILL DE MALD | BMX International National Sales Manager

“On behalf of BMX International I would like to thank you and all the guys at JC Epidemic for a great job promoting our company over the last four years. The relationship we have had with you guys has been the most successful in our 32 years of being a distributor. JC Epidemic have lifted the profile of all of our brands.

JEOFF HOWARD | District Co-ordinator SU QLD

“These presentations have been accepted in a very positive way from the whole school community. The students loved seeing the team perform wonderful tricks and were amazed at the skills on display. The message the team delivered around bullying was professional and had a profound effect on all school students. The work of JC Epidemic supported the role of the chaplains in building school community and these visits will be remembered for the enjoyment they brought to many kids and adults. It was a pleasure to partner with a team of professionals who have a desire to impact the children in our communities.”


“I just wanted to thank you for coming to our school recently for our fete. The messages you give are amazing and my eyes were just completely opened every time you spoke. I saw people that night who had always said that they didn’t believe in God, stand at that fence in absolute amazement at what you were saying.”


CHRIS EDGAR | JC Epidemic BMX Rider

“My name is Chris Edgar, I’m 31 years old and currently living in Gympie, QLD. I’ve been riding Freestyle BMX since I was 18 and riding at a professional level from the age of 21. At 22, I moved to Brisbane to further my professional career in BMX and in 2005 JC Epidemic recruited me. I wasn’t a Christian, but I enjoyed doing shows with them. A couple of years later, in 2007, I broke my leg pretty badly at a show which put my career on hold for a year. All the things I had worked so hard for were disappearing fast and I was left in a bad place in my head; hating life and most things in it, and feeling worthless… But the guys from JC Epidemic stepped in and helped me through the tough times, they were always there for me whether or not I was there for them. After a year I began to see what I was supposed to be doing with my life; it wasn’t putting me first or my career, it was to become a Christian and follow God and help others as much as I could. This changed my life radically. Although it didn’t make my life any any easier, I started to feel like I had purpose. I felt loved no matter what I did. I felt love from my God and the awesome people around me and this led me to attending a church, where I met the most amazing woman. I married this beautiful girl and we now have an amazing daughter and another baby on the way. Life still isn’t easier but I wouldn’t want it any other way. I thank God every day for the great things I have in my life, and I owe it all to my amazing God who used the crew at JC Epidemic to share Him with me.”